Your 2022 MAINx24 guide

Southside’s 24-hour festival, MAINx24, will take place on Saturday, Dec. 3 this year. Here’s the need-to-know info.

Someone participating in the adult big wheel race at MAINx24.

The adult big wheel race is always a blast + a laugh.

Photo by Conway Photography, provided by MAINx24

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Adult-sized big wheel race. $5 champagne pop-up. Huge parade. Chili cook-off. World cup watch party. Block fiesta. 100+ other events. 24 hours of nonstop fun. All of this can mean only one thing... MAINx24 is coming soon.

The annual 24-hour festival (yes, 24 hours) will take place this Saturday, Dec. 3. We’re sharing the need-to-know info for MAINx24 newbies + old pros alike.

What all is happening at MAINx24?

A lot. You can find the full schedule of MAINx24 events (all 120+ of them) here.

Pro tip: Choose a few events that you’d like to attend, and make a plan around them. You won’t be able to make it to everything, and that’s ok. I (Editor Brianna here 👋) like to make two trips — one in the morning around the parade, and one later at night. That way I get a nap break around midday.

Is it family-friendly?

Absolutely. While not every event will be open to kiddos, there are plenty of activities for kids and families to enjoy — like the MAINx24 parade, pop-up bicycle playground, and letters to Santa event, to name a few. (Pro tip: Filter the MAINx24 events page to “kid-friendly” to find all activities suitable for children.)

What’s the parking situation?

We’re gonna give it to you straight — parking can be a little overwhelming. Avoid Main Street, and if you’re able, we recommend parking a bit further out and walking or biking. (Bright side: walking allows you to stop by all the Southside businesses offering discounts, door prizes, music, etc.) Our best tip is to head out early to avoid the stress of missing an event you’re excited for.

Downtown’s EPB Parking Garage (1-99 E. 10th St.) costs $8 a day, is a ~15-minute walk to the parade area on Main Street, and is nearby two Bike Chattanooga stations if you’d rather bike — one at Miller Park + one at the library. Find other nearby lots here.

And... if the weather’s bad?

MAINx24 is rain or shine, baby. (Currently, the forecast is calling for “light rain.”)

I can only go to one event — what should it be?

The MAINx24 EPB Southside Parade on Main Street that starts at 10:30 a.m. Check out how fun last year’s was. Wanna know our personal MAINx24 event picks? Check ‘em out here.

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