Alan Baird’s stylish gift guide for men

Authored By seanphippster

You have no idea what to get him, and he has no idea what he wants. Welcome to the holidays.

Lucky for all of us, Chattanooga fashion expert Alan Baird is here to save the day with gifts for any man on your list.

Baird said there are several initial approaches you could take.

“My favorite style gift is an item they would never think about wearing or just something they wouldn’t buy themselves,” he said. “It’s also a great time to upgrade and replace worn or out-of-style items.”

What are you getting him this year? Tell us below. 

Items they wouldn’t buy themselves:

. Lolligag scarf, $50
Baird’s sister purchased him this item from Smart Wool out of the blue.

“I wasn’t a scarf guy,” he said. “But I wear it anytime the temperature drops below 40 degrees.”

. Timex Weekender, $35
“A good watch will never go out of style,” Baird said. This economical option from Timex can be a great watch because of the limitless varieties of NATO straps. Click here for watchstrap options. Baird likes olive, red, blue and navy for starter colors.

. For a bit of a splurge, Baird suggests the classic look of the Orient Bambino wristwatch.

. Free art
You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a gift. Baird suggests a framed piece of art from Primer magazine’s free art downloads.

“This is for your loved one in a new apartment or someone a bit decoratively deficient,” Baird said. The money spent here is for the frame, which you can purchase or make at home.

. Afraid of the sport coat?
Not all sport coats must have gold buttons and a tiny horse on them. Baird suggests trying casual fabrics like corduroy, rough wool and tweed. Subtle patterns like glen plaid and herringbone are great. The fit is the most important thing.

“Ill-fitting sport coats are equally as bad as not wearing one, ” Baird said.

Replacement items:

. That nasty hoodie
“If someone is wearing the same old hoodie, switch if for them,” Baird said. This can work with almost any type of clothing. Consider it a forced upgrade. Old hoodie? Try a gray shawl collar sweater. Try J.Crew, Gap and Old Navy for inexpensive options.

. Those nasty shoes
“My dad constantly receives footwear for Christmas,” Baird said. “We keep hoping to replace those Mario Batali Crocs that never seem to go away. I think he’s getting the idea.”

Click here for Baird’s essential shoes for a man’s wardrobe.

. That nasty backpack
Is he clinging onto a beat-up backpack, laptop case or messenger bag? Is his luggage looking rough? Baird suggests anything and everything from the Herschel Supply Co. Click here for the company’s fall lookbook.

. Those nasty workout clothes
It’s good that he exercises, but it’s important to replace old sweats, T-shirts and shorts. Do it for him. Baird said to tread easily with color, especially the neon, highlighter color trend. It can get out of hand quickly. Baird also recommends this stylish jacket upgrade from Academy for a $14.99 price tag.

. Those nasty earbuds
“Switch your general-issue Apple earbuds for some waterproof Monster iSport headphones,” he said. Check eBay for the best prices.

. Those “dad” jeans
Baird suggests a classic pair of Levi’s 501s in rigid or dark wash. These jeans never go out of style and always look good.

Stocking stuffers: 

. Indestructible Patagonia belt, $29

. Goodhew socks, $19-$30

From The Tie Bar and all less than $20:

. Threefold tie bar, $15

. White cotton pocket square with silver border, $8

. Solid wool gray tie, $15

. Knarrow knit stripe tie, $15

You can contact Baird via email.