Bellhops adds trucks for full-service moves

Authored By chloe.morrison

Bellhops has thousands of movers across the country. (Photo: Contributed)

On the surface, it may not seem like news-a moving business offering moving trucks.

But Bellhops founder Cameron Doody said the introduction of moving trucks is the company’s next big initiative.


“[By using] technology, our fixed expenses are dramatically reduced … It’s allowing us to now provide full-service moving experiences that are accessible for everybody.”

Source: Cameron Doody 

The new service is now in three cities-Chattanooga, Atlanta and Nashville-for beta testing.

Until now, customers would get their own truck or use their personal vehicles, and the Bellhops employees took care of the actual moving.

“Bellhops started as a consumer platform for labor,” he said. “We were helping people load and unload, and tapping into the student workforce.”

The tech-based moving company uses young, reliable, athletic college students to do moves in cities across the country. The tech platform the company created makes the process of hiring movers easier. An automated system helps run operations. It coordinates scheduling, online orders and customer communication.

Branded trucks are hitting three cities. (Photo: Staff)

Step one was to build an “incredible” workforce, Doody said.

“We wanted to build one of the most high-quality workforces on the planet and build a platform that could support them,” he said.

Fast facts

-There are 91 full-time employees at Bellhops’ downtown Chattanooga headquarters.

-There are 30 or 40 part-time employees at the headquarters.

-The company has thousands of Bellhop movers across the country.

Now, the company has built their workforce in 85 cities across the country. And it’s built its brand around their young movers, their tech platform and a strong customer service aspect.

It would have been difficult to build a brand around trucks, boxes and storage, he said.

“We’ve always known we wanted to offer transportation, and we’re just super-excited to be at the point where we can start to roll that out,” Doody said. “It fits with our goal and our mission.”

The majority of Bellhops customers have one to three bedrooms. The average full-service move with a truck likely costs under $400, and there aren’t any hidden fees, he said.

“We are hyper-focused on getting the playbook right in the cities [before expanding to others],” Doody said. “2017 is going to be the year of the truck.”

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