New business, Bike The South, provides cycling tours in Chattanooga, TN

Anecdotally, it seems like more people are utilizing outdoor spaces, and local businessman Jim Johnson is seeing more people getting interested in cycling. | 📸: @Catcloyay

Chattanooga businessman Jim Johnson has been helping tourists cycle around Europe for more than a decade, and now he’s opening a business to guide + support people closer to home. 

His new venture, Bike The South, will offer bike tours in the area. 

And Johnson — who is also the founder and president of, which helps people book bike tours internationally in Europe — is looking for other ways to support cyclists, such as on-call van support, the availability of an optional escort rider, and an accompanying guide and support van.

“Bicycling is by its very nature ‘physically distant,’ which is one reason we feel that bicycle tours will play an important role during the COVID era. With bicycle sales doubling in the past six months over the same time last year, we feel there may be an increasing number of interested but inexperienced cyclists.”  – Jim Johnson 

Here’s what you need to know about Bike The South. 👇

🚴 It will feature day, weekend + week-long bicycle tours of the Southeast, starting in and around Chattanooga.

🚴 Tours will likely start in October with a handful of regional day tours in areas such as Chattanooga Valley, Ocoee/Hiwassee/Tellico area, and Sequatchie Valley.

🚴 Starting in April, the business will also offer weekend and week-long tours like one from Athens to Savannah, Georgia.

🚴 Johnson is also working on a possible partnership to provide some e-bike tours, too.

🚴 Due to COVID, many of the tours will be privatejust friends or family of people who know and already spend time together, he said.

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