Bloomberg features Chattanooga’s Lauren Templeton Capital Management

Authored By Chloé Morrison

Bloomberg LP’s weekly newsletter said that Chattanooga’s Lauren Templeton Capital Management manages one of the 10 highest-performing equity market neutral strategies for 2012. 

The weekly published Bloomberg Brief Newsletter ranks Lauren Templeton Capital Management as No. 7 among the top 10 for equity market neutral strategies, according to a news release. 

Lauren Templeton Capital Management’s maximum pessimism strategy focuses on locating and buying bargain stocks, while selling short, potentially overvalued, securities. 

“We enjoy investing in the current environment because the pessimism and volatility tends to create more opportunities than usual, and we believe our methods are well-suited to these types of markets,” Templeton said in a prepared statement. 

Managers use the investment philosophy of Sir John Templeton.

Lauren Templeton, founder of the business, is the great-niece of the late Sir John Templeton. 

Scott Phillips, portfolio manager at Lauren Templeton Capital Management, said that most often the greatest opportunities come up because there is low public interest in owning stocks, he said. 

“We welcome revived talk about the ‘death of equities’ and so forth,” he also said in a prepared statement. “To borrow from Mark Twain, we feel like their ‘death has been greatly exaggerated.'” 

Last yearKiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine featured Lauren Templeton Capital Management.

Templeton also serves as director of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s Finance for the Future Initiative, which is a relatively new program within the university’s College of Business. 

The initiative provides a female perspective on the art and science of trading and investing, as well as the psychology of investing.