June, 2020: Prep for August election + black-owned businesses

Chattanooga, TN. | Kelly Lacy, Pexels

I don’t know about y’all, but time is different for me since the pandemic started. Chloé here, and between working from home, seeing few people in person, and a constant feeling that I might need to fight or fly at most any moment – the days and hours are blurring together in new ways.

Things feel upside down lately. | Gif by Giphy

It’s nice to be reminded that time is a construct, and if I want to eat breakfast at midnight, that’s perfectly fine. I won’t be bound by imaginary rules! 🤣 But it also means months are zooming by, and if you ask me what day it is, I might not know.   

So, as we head into July, let’s take a look back and some of June’s highlights. 👇

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Everything you need to know about Chattanooga, TN’s Aug. 6 election

Tennessee primaries and the county general election are scheduled for Aug. 6 + our guide gives you details on how to register to vote, absentee ballots + the candidates

20+ local black-owned businesses

It’s always a good time to support local, black-owned businesses, and we created this list after readers asked us to do the round up, as protests for racial equality spread across the country, including in Chattanooga.

The Ed Johnson Memorial approved for construction at Chattanooga’s Walnut Street Bridge

The memorial, which will be in the Walnut Plaza, has been approved by the Chattanooga City Council — work is expected to start next month on the $850k project. Ed Johnson was a black man who was lynched on the Walnut Street Bridge after he was accused of raping a young white woman. Johnson maintained his innocence and he was granted an appeal by the Supreme Court, but he was dragged out of his cell and murdered by a mob before that could happen. Read more here.

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○ Hundreds of you clicked this Unclaimed Baggage link because you can now shop online for special finds left behind in lost airport bags. 

○ Readers also had to see this NewsChannel 9 article about a 103-pound catfish. Whoa

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○ On the post about a local company and its employees being featured on CBS:

“We were proud and honored to represent the industry and Chattanooga. Thank you for sharing!” – Covenant Transport 

○ On the post about our Q&A with Chattanooga Urban League president + CEO:

“It has been amazing watching the city come together.” – @jenniferedge