Chattanooga to build a North-South Multimodal Connectivity Corridor

New bike routes coming soon | Photo via Pexels

ComingSoon: a North-South Multimodal Connectivity Corridor for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit-users. 🚲

Who’s paying for it?

The Tennessee Department of Transportation recently awarded Chattanooga a $1 million Multimodal Access Grant to enhance available transportation options.

Corridor features

  • Transit shelters
  • ADA accessibility improvements
  • Additional Bike Chattanooga stations
  • Support a new bus route on Tennessee State Route 17, which passes through N. Willow Street, E. 3rd Street, and Dodson Avenue
Rendering of the proposed corridor | Provided by CDOT


We asked Ben Taylor — the CDOT Director of Transportation Operations — what the timeline is looking like. He said:

“Using grant funds from the state requires going through a thorough process to ensure that we design and build infrastructure that meets all state requirements and best serves the community. This process takes time, and it can often take a year or more before construction can begin. Once we get to the construction phase, I expect that we’ll be able to implement the improvements within 6 months.”

Why this specific project?

A big reason comes from data shared by Bike Chattanooga — the bikeshare program set growth records during the COVID-19 pandemic as locals spent more time outside using the city’s outdoor resources.

A chart of Bike Chattanooga rides per month | Provided by Shift Transit

Adding Bikeshare stations will link Southside neighborhoods to the Northshore + connect east-west corridors with north-south access for safe and efficient transportation options.

Bike Chattanooga has:
  • 42 stations
  • 400 bikes
  • 55 (out of the 400) e-bikes


  • 2013-2018: An average of 51,000 trips to ~20,000 users.
  • 2019: 73,000 trips to over 26,000 users
  • 2020: 88,000 trips to over 35,000 users in 2020
  • 2021: Trips up 60% so far