Chattanooga’s Sister Cities: Hamm, Germany

Glaselefant (Glass Elephant) in Maximilianpark | Image via @capture_the_moment_by_sarah

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Guten morgen, Chattanooga — today we’re going to tell you about our Sister City: Hamm, Germany. 🇩🇪

In case you missed our last Sister Cities convo — According to Sister Cities International, “A sister city, county, or state relationship is a broad-based, long-term partnership between 2 communities in 2 countries. A relationship is officially recognized after the highest elected or appointed official from both communities sign off on an agreement to become sister cities.”

Hamm became our first Sister City in 1977, and the 2 locations have a lot in common. We both have breathtaking attractions, are tourist cities, and we both had Dupont Chemical facilities back in the day.

Hamm is located in the northwest part of Germany and is home to lots of parks, record-breaking sculptures + buildings, and even a castle. Don’t miss the Glaselefant in Maximilianpark or the Oberwerries Castle.

Another exciting monument you’ll find in Hamm is the Sri-Kamadchi-Ampal-Temple the second largest Hindu temple in all of Europe. When the temple opened in 2002, 7 masons flew in from India to create 7 shrines filled with various ornaments + figures.

And if you somehow run out of sites to see, you can get to the Netherlands in about 2 hours.

Hamm is just 1 of our Sister Cities in Germany. Wolfsburglocated about 2 hours from Hamm by car — became our Sister City in 2011