Chattanooga State media club creates massive collaboration for new film

Authored By chloe.morrison

Chattanooga State’s student-run media club is working on a film called “Steal You Away” that represents the group’s biggest collaboration ever. 

“Our media club is all in on this product,” Ian Lockler, producer for the film and media club president, said. “We believe in it well enough we are probably about to bankrupt our account.”

The organization is raising money now via Kickstarter to help the media club, which is called CSM3dia, continue making films after this because they are using all their resources on this project. 

The Kickstarter campaign isn’t over until after filming starts, so the funds will help ensure the group can continue work after this project. 

The team has completed preproduction and is slated to start filming today. Their goal is to get it into the Chattanooga Film Festival. 

To accomplish the goal, they are working with a range of organizations and groups. 

The team has gotten help from Partnership for Families, Children and Adults, which has an array of services to help community members, including victims of domestic violence-an issue the film tackles. 

“It was a somewhat-personal piece,” Alex Griffith, the film’s writer and director, said. “It was to show people that there is a light at the end of the tunnel no matter what kind of situation you’re in. I took it to the extreme of domestic violence to show people that no matter what you’re in, there’s always support if you can find the right people.”

The Partnership for Families, Children and Adults provided some feedback on the film’s script and helped improve it. Overall, the feedback was positive, which was an honor to the students, they said. 

Other collaborations include working with Chattanooga State departments for costuming, makeup, talent and script feedback, and music. The nursing department provided a place to film a hospital scene. 

Graphic design students helped with storyboards, and the team worked with Into the Woods Productions for rehearsal space. Wally’s Restaurant will do the catering during the shoot. 

Although the students want to make it to the film festival, there’s also a bigger goal.

“It’s really kind of grown into a lot more than just the film festival,” Griffith said. “This has really become almost a beacon for people going through domestic violence … We are really hoping to raise awareness and bring light to some of this situation.” 

The Kickstarter page provides more information here