Messages for Chattanooga billboards

A message of hope from one reader. | Image by Dalton Anderson

One of our most-read articles is about how local billboard company Reagan Advertising jumped on the Bernie bandwagon and put the now-iconic inauguration photo of the Vermont senator on digital signs around town. 

The business did it because they could and thought it would provide a laugh. (It did.) And that got us thinking about what we’d want to put on a billboard if we had the opportunity.

Chloé here. I might like to put a collage of all the Chattanooga businesses I miss the most on the billboard. Or does it seem like the right place for a short original poem? No? OK. Gotcha. 

We also asked our readers what they would have to say if they hypothetically had the free space to say something Chattanooga-centric. 👇

“Is it Chatt or ‘Nooga? Asking for a friend?” – @GoodStoryFilm 

“There are wolves in Chattanooga…Reflection Riding.” – Tish G.

“It’s pronounced Oh-jot-e.” – @bonniephillips

“Chattanooga reinvented itself. So can you!” – Mark G. 

“Go Mocs! Support your hometown team.” – @GoMocs57

“What high school did you go to?” – @taramothership 

“Vote in the Chattanooga city election March 2nd! Local elections are the best elections!” – @ChattCivics 

“Stay Noogalocious, Chattanooga.” – @catharina_hendrina 


Get outside, but keep it clean

“We are better than this. Stop throwing your trash on the streets!” – @BelindaGaleWeeks 

“When outside, respect the outside: less litter, more green for us and our pollinator friends, more kindness on the roads.” – @BeesOnABicycle 

Support local 

“Better together ❤️ Support your neighbors ❤️ Shop and eat local ❤️” – @Angie_Dickie 

“Chattanooga, Chattanooga. Rah rah rah — wear your mask, fill your flask, sis boom bah!”  – @Lmeloan shouts out to Chattanooga Whiskey 

“Support Chattanooga’s live music scene.” – Tony N. 

The best food + drink

(This first one is an inside joke amongst the Reddit community.)

“Voted Chattanooga’s No. 1 fine dining establishment on Reddit — Taco Bell on Broad St.”  – @thebalderdashsyndicate 

“Where’s the Hoff Sauce?” – @Briana.Garza1

“Shop and eat local!” – @Jess.Morante 

“Come for the scenery, stay for the food.” – @jensteere 

“Yes, Virginia, you can drive over the dam to shop and eat.” – @The1JeannieWalker 

“Have tea!” – @PollyClaires 

“Enjoy the amazing food, fun, music and beauty Chattanooga has to offer while wearing a mask!” – @TheDailyCocktailChatt 

Locals spreading love 

“Let’s be known as the city of kindness.” Jana J.

“Do what is right, not what is easy — Let’s grow together.” – @RachelleMartino1 

“Be nice.” – @ChrisMWillis 

“Be kind to yourself. You are enough.” – @MyAsterism