Co-founders of Chattanooga startup Ambition find success at Y Combinator Demo Day

Authored By chloe.morrison

Co-founders of Chattanooga startup Ambition had success this week when they pitched at the Demo Day for prestigious tech incubator Y Combinator in San Francisco. 

Tech Crunch reported that leaders of the startups who participated in the incubator voted on which team they thought would be most successful, and Ambition is second on the list. 

Ambition is one of several startup companies under the venture incubator Lamp Post Group.

“Especially coming on the tails of the Access America announcement last week, the fact that a Chattanooga company was on a national stage and did that well really proves that Chattanooga is producing amazing companies,” Lamp Post Partner Jack Studer said. “And [the companies are] not just locally amazing, but amazing on a national stage.” 

Ambition is both the name of the company and the product. 

Ambition the product is like fantasy football for salespeople. The product allows users to track metrics of employees, such as profit, revenue and outgoing calls. All that data is combined to create a score, so users can compete against their fellow salespeople. 

Sales employees can form teams and compete against each other in weekly games. The top teams go to the “playoffs” and compete in “championships.” 

The goal is to make the workplace fun and competitive but to also increase profits by encouraging healthy competition. 

Ambition co-founder Travis Truett gave the pitch this week, Studer said. 

Co-founders Jared Houghton and Brian Trautschold and some of the Lamp Post Group partners, such as Studer, also went to San Francisco for Demo Day. 

Truett was the first pitch after lunch, and as the crowd milled about, Truett waited, staring them down until they directed their attention toward him, Studer said. 

The pitch was about two and a half minutes long. 

“He was intense; he was focused,” Studer said. 

Studer also said he’s seen Truett pitch a hundred times, but in this situation, Truett added a new line that seemed to resonate with the audience: ”Ambition is in our DNA.” 

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