Concert Review: Monomath, Bees and Enormous Tigers, Gorgeous

Authored By Matthew Lewis

It was the night of the living trios at JJ’s Bohemia last night. Patrons to the small bar were treated to stellar performances from three bands, each with different styles but no shortage of talent. Throughout the performances, the musical tone shifted from trippy, dense math rock sounds to low, droning doom rock rumble and everywhere in between.

Monomath is no stranger to the local Chattanooga scene. The band’s performance here held most of the same sound: fast and dense, laden with effects-aided riffs and thunderous drum and bass fills. As with last time, the band’s vocals were certainly not at the forefront. With their searing riffs, though, you’d certainly be forgiven for appreciating the instrumentation work more than the whisper-quiet vocals. Songs like “Loosen Up the Reigns” and “A Climb Down in 7” played just intensely enough to shake the floor of the small stage.

Of course, if Monomath’s fierce playing set a rumble to the stage, Bees and Enormous Tigers‘ performance was a full-blown stampede. The Tallahassee, Fla., trio (Alex Koenig, drums; Peter Koenig, guitar/vocals; Matt Zimmerman, bass/electronics) brought songs like “Get Home Safe,” whose thunderous drumming literally shook the room as they played. Midway between their set, the group indulged in a cover of Pixies song “Bone Machine.” True to form, these three were off-kilter; loud; and absolutely perfect for the dark, smoky stage of JJ’s.

Last but certainly not least was Gorgeous. Another Chattanooga group, the trio came with a style that was perfect for closing out the night. Often slow and thoughtful but prone to fits of feedback-rife breakdowns or hammering away at the extra snare set onstage, these three wrapped their insanity in tight coils around the firm, doom crawl of their songs. They were equal parts Misfits and Kyuss, bringing the best of the two together.

Matthew Lewis is a music intern for