Decoding Zoning Part 2: Lucey Quarter


You’ve likely noticed the development that stretches along S. Holtzclaw Avenue. | Photo by NOOGAtoday

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Welcome back to Decoding Zoning, a series wherein we work to decode those bright yellow zoning notices around town.

Today, we’re looking into zoning notices from way back in 2019 + 2020. The notices are for a development with an advertised opening of spring 2021that still isn’t open. Lately though, we’ve been noticing some slow + steady progress on the Lucey Quarter Development.While we don’t have any major updates on the project (yet), we’re diving into the zoning details.

What is Lucey Quarter?

The planned redevelopment at the former Lucey Boiler industrial site is located on the edge of Highland Park on Holtzclaw Avenue. The project is set to become a mixed-use space with townhomes, a food hall, retail + event space.

So far…

Back in 2019, the site was rezoned from M-1, M-2, and R-1 to UGC (with conditions). What does that mean?

  • M-1 | Manufacturing | Intended for manufacturing uses
  • M-2 | Light industrial | Intended for light manufacturing uses
  • R-1 | Low density residential | Intended for single-family dwellings
  • UGC | Urban General Commercial | Intended for commercial and mixed-use development while creating a new or maintaining an existing urban form

In other words, it went from manufacturing, industrial work, and single-family homes to a space for commercial + mixed-use development — with conditions, though. Those include:

  • Auto-oriented uses (gas stations, drive-thrus, etc.), wholesaling with accessory warehousing, self-service storage facilities, and adult-oriented establishments are prohibited on certain parcels of the land.
  • For other parcels of land, only residential townhomes are allowed + height is limited to no more than 35 ft for structures located within 85 ft of the S. Greenwood Avenue right-of-way.

Decode that sign

Case No. | 2020-0132 | This means that the case went before the Regional Planning Agency in 2020 + is identifiable on the RPA’s website by the number 0132.

Applicant | SSP Lucey, LLC | This is who applied for the rezoning — in this case, Southern Spear Properties as part of the Lucey Quarter development.

For | Abandonment-Opened Street | This section describes how the applicant wants to rezone the space. Here, the applicant wants to abandon the right-of-way on various streets surrounding the area to use them for part of the development — aka, the streets would change use.

Outcome | The RPA made an official recommendation to approve the application, with a requirement to rededicate a new right-of-way through a subdivision plat. This rezoning was later approved by Chattanooga City Council.


Let’s decode what this sign (on Union + S. Holtzclaw) means. | Photo by NOOGAtoday

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