Efforts to recall Littlefield revived with appeal

Authored By James Harrison

The saga continues. 

Just when it appeared that dust from February’s court ruling to invalidate a special election to recall Mayor Ron Littlefield had settled, members of the group seeking the mayor’s removal have filed another appeal with the state Court of Appeals in Knoxville.

The appeal is the second to come from Citizens to Recall Mayor Ron Littlefield and follows Hamilton County Circuit Court Judge Jeff Hollingsworth’s recent decision to halt an August election for recalling the mayor. Littlefield has one year remaining in his second and final term.

Jim Folkner, leader of the group, said the group would represent themselves and had requested that the appeal be expedited to speed up the court process. 

“We feel like the only way to get a fair resolution is to go to the appeals court,” Folkner said. “We feel like we have to protect the 15,000 petitioners that signed the recall by getting a fair resolution in the case.”

On Tuesday night, after hearing of the appeal, members of the Hamilton County Election Commission decided to continue their involvement in the case. Chris Clem, attorney for the election commission, said the commission was “along for the ride” and would not have appealed Hollingsworth’s ruling against the scheduled election. 

“The main thing I would like the public to understand is that it was Mayor Littlefield who filed these lawsuits, and the petitioners appealed those lawsuits,” Clem said. “The election commission just shows up . They’re just doing their best to try and interpret a defective City Charter that may or may not have been properly enacted.”

No date has been set on when the appeal will be heard.