Entrepreneurs bringing Swedish mobile café concept to Chattanooga

Authored By chloe.morrison

Local entrepreneurs are bringing a mobile café to the streets of Chattanooga soon. 

Andrew Clark and Laura Cagle are finalizing plans for the launch later this month of Wheelys Chattanooga, which will be set up in high-traffic pedestrian locales in and around the core downtown area.

Click here for background about Wheelys, which has more than 400 cafés in 68 countries. 

UTC alums Clark and Cagle both have “an entrepreneurial itch to scratch,” which led them to the mobile café concept. 

Clark and Cagle collaborated to answer some questions about their startup.

For someone who isn’t familiar with the concept, explain it.

Wheelys is a mobile café [that provides] free-trade, organic, health-conscious, and on-the-go snacks and drinks.

Wheelys is an award-winning Swedish invention [and] the world’s smallest, best-designed café, totally enclosed in a high-tech bicycle.

Is Wheelys a franchise?

Yes and no. Wheelys Café is more or less a parent company that sells carts and supplies to individuals interested in opening their own cafés.

We bought our cart and all the supplies that go with it from Wheelys, and we will be serving Wheelys brand coffee (in addition to other drinks and food).

However, we are independent retailers and have full autonomy on how we can operate; it isn’t a franchise with strict regulations within which all carts must operate.

Wheelys encourages their café owners to create their own paths and run their businesses independently and uniquely. This is one of the things we love about Wheelys and a main reason we chose to open a Wheelys Café.

Wheelys locations are across the world, ranging from Canada, Germany, Chile, India, Jordan, Singapore and the United States.

What made you want to bring it to Chattanooga?

We feel confident that the concept of Wheelys will be very well-received by the Chattanooga community.

With the value that Chattanoogans see in entertainment, outdoor activities and local sourcing, this business will be a no-brainer for many folks.

When is the business launching?

We are tentatively planning our launch event for Aug. 20, but we are still finalizing some details. We’ll share more information on that on our website and social media feeds once all details are confirmed.

Click here for more information about the new business from the Wheelys Chattanooga blog.