#TryThis: Saving money using EPB’s new, free MyBundle service

Woman using laptop displaying EPB MyBundle home screen
MyBundle, newly-launched by EPB, is free (and easy) to use | Photo provided

Have you heard about EPB MyBundle? Offered through a partnership with MyBundle, this newly-launched service from EPB is free to use and can help find you the best streaming service + TV channel options at the best price for you.

We took some time to try it out and — spoiler-alert — found out we could be spending a whole lot less on our streaming subscriptions. Here’s how it went + how you can #TryThis.


Saving money using EPB’s new, free MyBundle service

What we tried: 

First, we mosied over to the EPB MyBundle homepage, then clicked “Get Started” to explore our options.

MyBundle landing page
MyBundle landing page

Next, we took a short, easy quiz, answering questions like “Which best describes your household?” and “What kind of content do you watch?” 

Screenshot of MyBundle quiz question which reads, "What streaming services do you have?"
Guilty as charged…

Approximately one minute later, we had our results. From Hulu Live TV to a customized bundle of channels, it was easy to compare our options + make an informed decision

Our results:

Screenshot of our results
We had our results in ~1 minute

Don’t miss:

If you’re a streaming-only sort, be sure to check out the Streaming Marketplace. We immediately noticed we could be saving money on our monthly subscriptions to HBO Max, STARZ, SiriusXM and more.

Screenshot of Streaming Marketplace entrance screen
Click Explore Marketplace to see what services are available

What we are still talking about: 

While we here in Gig City get to reap the benefits of EPB on a daily basis, that isn’t the case for our coworkers in our sister cities (hey AVLtoday, CHStoday, COLAtoday, GVLtoday, LALtoday, RALtoday and soon-to-be NASHtoday!) — but they can still take advantage of EPB MyBundle. Read: Your non-Nooga friends + fam can use it too.

How you can experience this: 

Click here + start exploring. You can also check out our in-the-moment experience on Instagram.

Things to know: