Excitement builds for Fly Free Fest

Authored By seanphippster

The city is buzzing with anticipation as Fly Free Fest approaches.

Billed as a “Chattanooga to Atlanta grassroots music and arts festival,” the lineup includes the interesting combination of “jam” band music, progressive bluegrass and world electronica.

Headliners include Railroad Earth, Dan Deacon, The Motet, The Octopus Project and Desert Dwellers. A number of local and regional performers will also appear.

“Excitement is definitely at a peak,” Fly Free Fest founder Corey Petree said.

His staff has been working for months-some the entire year-to make this weekend’s festival memorable.

Fly Free Fest will take place Friday through Sunday at Cherokee Farms in Lafayette, Georgia.

Ticket packages are still available here.

Three days out, Petree said ticket sales are promising.

“Ticket sales are about where we were at last year,” he said. “The buzz is certainly stronger, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of walk-ups with the way Chattanooga musicgoers are. We’re expecting about 1,500 people.”

The rootsy, Americana improvisations of Railroad Earth will be highlighted Saturday at 8 p.m. The band has performed several times in Chattanooga, most recently at Track 29.

John Skehan, mandolinist and multi-instrumentalist for the band, said Fly Free Fest, being a relatively new festival, offers the band a chance to let the audience determine what kind of show it will be.

“We kind of walk this funny line in some ways with festivals,” Skehan said. “We still end up at some more traditional, roots-oriented bluegrass festivals where we might be the loudest thing there, with drums and amplifiers. Then, we might play these rock festivals where we might be the quaintest and quietest thing at the festival. It all kind of shifts and changes.”

Railroad Earth’s latest album is “Last of the Outlaws.”  The official music video for the song “Chasin’ a Rainbow” can be seen below.

Fly Free Fest is purposely designed to be an all-inclusive, smaller-scale festival. But there exists a deeper message, too.

From the festival website:

Artists come in all shapes, sizes and colors from different backgrounds, experiences and skill levels. We know that some of you are talented painters, dancers, musicians, poets, etc. We also know that many of you feel like you lack creativity or that your 2 cents isn’t worth the art world’s attention. We are here to bridge that gap and get everyone thinking in a different light. Our minds are the true endless frontier, and we believe that being a thought-provoking human is an art in itself.

Each night of the festival will have a costume theme. Friday is Future Fun Friday, with robots, lasers and metallic outfits encouraged; Saturday is Spirit Animal Day; and Sunday is Superhero Day.

Fly Free Fest will also include live art, daily workshops, comedy and a children’s zone.

Click here for the full lineup.