4 flower farms + 13 florists near Chattanooga, TN

Morgan’s farm was born out of “an appetite for beauty and a need for belonging.” | Photo provided by Creekside Flower Farm

Spring has sprung, and Chattanooga is in bloom

Chloé here, and — when I was younger — I didn’t value having fresh flowers around. It seemed like a waste of money because they’d just die. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate, and even crave, a beautiful bouquet

The fleeting nature of their beauty is part of what makes them so precious. (If you want to get existential with me, check out one of my favorite Eckhart Tolle lessons. It involves flowers.)

But if philosophical ponderings aren’t your thing, let me direct you to the best local flower farms + 13 Chattanooga florists. 

🌺 Creekside Flower Farm’s owner Morgan Sharpe gets satisfaction and purpose out of working with the land. Her flower farm produces a variety of blooms, which supply area weddings

New: This year, she’s also going to add retail pick up at Two Ridges Pottery, and she may open her farm to area residents for flower-picking a couple days this summer. 

🌸 Southerly Flower Farm offers wedding floral design services + has its flowers available for purchase at the Chattanooga Market on Sundays and Main Street Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays.

🌷 Joli Jardin Farm sells flowers at POMKT and its mobile shop, the Blumenwagen. Check out the events page to see when the farm is open to the public. You can find their farm stand at 141 U.S.-127 on Signal Mountain. She recently contributed to the community with a COVID-19 memory project

💐 Terra Flower Farm offers wedding floral design services + a flower subscription service. Subscription costs start at $18 a week. 

If you’re looking to skip the farm and go directly to the florist, check these out. 

And, don’t forget that the Chattanooga Market is a great place to find blooming buds. The market starts next month, and — bonus: USA Today just named it one of the top 10 in the country. 

ProTip: To make your flowers last, consider drying them. Here are official directions