Food truck Taco Sherpa for sale

Authored By Chloé Morrison

Chattanooga may be losing one of its food trucks-Taco Sherpa. 

We are indeed getting out of the food truck business,” owner Whit Altizer said via email. “We found we weren’t passionate enough about the food industry. We have a newfound respect for people in the restaurant business.” 

Whit and his wife, Lindsay, are moving back to South Korea, where Whit got a job teaching English at a university. 

Before starting the food truck last summer, the couple spent four years in Korea with Whit teaching there.

Taco Sherpa was an effort to bring the country’s taste to Chattanooga. 

The truck is for sale on eBay. 

We are looking for buyers and would love it if someone carried on the name,” Whit said.