Gear Closet selling used Bonnaroo gear again

Authored By seanphippster

At the end of four days in the blistering Tennessee heat, it’s sometimes easier to just drive away and let somebody else clean up your campsite.

And that is exactly what some Bonnaroo attendees did. 

Following festivals like Bonnaroo and other large-scale events, The Gear Closet helps clean up festival grounds by removing used gear. They then bring those items back to Chattanooga for a sale, with proceeds benefiting clean water initiatives.

On Monday and Tuesday, 22 volunteers from Chattanooga loaded up a U.S. Xpress trailer nearly full of camping gear left by festival guests in Manchester. The treasures from their cleanup will go on sale Wednesday at noon.

Click here for more information. The Gear Closet is located at 535 Cherokee Blvd.

Items for sale include tarps, tents, grills, inflatable mattresses, coolers, tent fans and water bottles. The crew also found a “brand-new wooden rolling table,” a tent air conditioner and an inflatable raft.

This is the third year The Gear Closet has partnered with Clean Vibes, Bonnaroo’s official waste management contractor.

Mary Beth Sutton, executive director at Caribbean Student Environmental Alliance, led the team of volunteers. She said a few changes they made this year-in coordination with Clean Vibes-helped reduce the number of discarded items.

“We put out bins at each camping pod for folks to donate their stuff instead of leaving it in the field,” Sutton said. “It actually worked. No trash in the bins. We are super-excited about that and that the word spread so fast.”

A smaller crowd at the festival this year meant fewer items, although Sutton said they were still able to fill a 53-foot trailer.

“It was a much cleaner festival, and I give props to Clean Vibes for really getting their message across,” she said.

The Bonnaroo items will be on sale while supplies last. Hours are 12-6 p.m. through Sunday.

This year, team members were also invited to talk at a Planet Roo workshop on Friday about upcycling and reuse. 

Updated @ 2:17 p.m. on 6/17/16.