Hoff & Pepper to be featured in Hot Ones Season 16

A screenshot from a Youtube video featuring 10 different hot sauce bottles in the background, with the Hoff sauce bottle in the forefront.

This specially-designed sauce is No. 3 on Hot One’s 10-sauce lineup | Screenshot via Hot Ones

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We’re not here to heat around the bush, so we’ll get straight to the hot topiclocal hot sauce company Hoff & Pepper will be featured in the next season of Hot Ones.

🌶️ What is Hot Ones?

Hot Ones is a YouTube series hosted by Sean Evans, who interviews celebrities while they eat hot wings that get progressively spicier.

If you haven’t watched the show, it’s likely that you’ve at least seen some of the incredible memes that have come out of it — previous seasons gave us Lorde’s casual feast on the wings that make others cry + the infamous “Look at us” line that Paul Rudd delivered.

Each Hot Ones episode gets ~3.5 million views on Youtube — in other words, our local hot sauce company will be seen by millions. 🔥

The local biz has developed a new, special sauce for the show called Haus Sauce, featuring dill pickle and mustard flavors + a touch of clover honey.

It was described by Sean Evans as “Oktoberfest meets Southern barbeque,” and according to Hoff Sauce owner Aaron Hoffman, it will go well with practically anything you’d put on the grill.

Hoff will be the third hot sauce in the show’s 10-sauce lineup.

🌶️ More spicy details

During the Hot Ones season, the sauce will only be available for purchase via Heatonistthe website for all of the Hot Ones sauces — or Amazon. After the season ends, you’ll be able to pick it up locally at stores like Locals Only, Whole Foods, and Merchants on Main.

The first show of the season will take place next week on Thurs., Sept. 23 at 11 a.m.

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