Interview: The Craigslist “Frisbee guy”

Authored By seanphippster

HecKtor Dangus (not his real name) became an overnight Internet celebrity after he posted a profanity-laced plea for Frisbee partners in Chattanooga.

The post went viral, appearing on Reddit, BuzzFeed and more.

One local man took him up on his offer to “Frisbee” and posted the results.

There’s even a Chattanooga Frisbee Day scheduled for Nov. 1 in Coolidge Park. wanted to know more about this mysterious “Dangus,” so we reached out to him with a few questions.

We asked him about his love of Frisbee, moving to Chattanooga and how his life has changed following Internet stardom.

Who are you? Tell us about yourself.

Well, Sean, I was born a poor black child. My Internet handle is HecKtor Dangus or Larry Dangus or Lawrence Dangus. I’m not telling you my real name; it has no comedic value anyway. I’m just a dude who likes to do fun stuff. My moral code is firmly based on “The Dukes of Hazzard.” My first love is BMX freestyle-like trick biking, and also skateboarding. The problem is, I’m a little out of shape for that stuff right now due to exposure to good cooking and because bourbon is so [email protected] damned delicious. 

And, obviously, Frisbee throwing.

If you face-plant while chasing a disc in the park, it’s gonna be in the grass instead of on asphalt or a hard-ass ramp. Worst case scenario, you’ll fall mouth-first into a pile of dog crap. Believe me, spitting out a piehole full of rottweiler dookie is nothing after you’ve spit out some broken teeth. I’ve been into trick bikes, skating and Frisbee since I was a little kid. A lot of people make the mistake of leaving the fun behind as they get older. 

Anyway, I’m hoping to Frisbee my ass off until I get back to my fighting weight so I can get back on my bike and attack the nifty-looking architecture of your lovely city. Apologies in advance to any private property owners who will be upset by this. If y’all want to save your stuff from getting shredded by skateboarders and bikers, you might try opening up a real skate park that’s made of concrete and free to ride. Skateboarding in the U.S. has actually exceeded the popularity of Little League baseball, and also-dare I say it-even Frisbee! If Mayor Berke is reading this, hey man! Do it for the KIDS! And me! You’ll be keeping us off the streets!

Why did you post the Craigslist plea? Were you just fed up with not having a Frisbee partner?

Right. Well, I just moved to the area a couple of months ago and hadn’t yet met any sporty types who were down to throw some disc with great zeal and intensity, which is really the only way to do it. I’d actually posted several other ads on CL about this, which were all met with zero responses. But then I got a few action shots of me looking like a maniac to go along with my ridiculous (and yet highly truthful) rant about throwing Frisbee like one’s very life depended upon it, and then some astute person apparently shared it on Imgur. That’s how it blew up.

What has the response been? I imagine you had plenty of people willing to toss around a Frisbee.

Oh yeah, it took off very quickly once put it at the top of their stuff. Of course, the responses I got were mostly from people who have a more busy life than I do, so we have to schedule our meet-ups around the awful mistakes they have made, such as having children, marriages and-of course-joining the workforce. Sorry ’bout it, y’all. Better choices next life?

How do you feel knowing you’re basically a celebrity now?

No different. My roommate still makes me wash the damn dishes. She did take those glorious photos that I used on the Craigslist ad though, so props to her for that!

What’s next?

Like every other Internet celebrity, I intend to milk this situation to death until y’all hate me and my damn Frisbee more than the “where’s the beef?” and “I’m Rick James, bitch” memes combined in an unholy furnace of hellfire. 

What do you like about living in Chattanooga, other than Frisbee?

I was drawn to this place because the nature-type spots are beautiful and the cost of living is not as high as Austin and Asheville and a few other places I’ve lived in the last decade or so. But once I settled in, I was really impressed by how friendly you people of the old, dirty Noog are.