Leaky Sockets brings harsh noise, warped electronics to Wayne-O-Rama

Authored By pitulah

The experimental/noise festival Leaky Sockets will bring its wash of dissonance and static back to Chattanooga for its fifth and final year.

Hosted by Wayne-O-Rama, the one-day event will be held Aug. 5 and will bring musicians from across the country to peddle their broken electronic roar in an effort to obliterate your assumptions about recorded music. These artists create dark, hiss-filled soundscapes that strain against the confines of modern musical expectations.

The music will start around 6 p.m. and run until midnight.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door on the day of the festival. This is an all-ages show.

The festival was created (and is curated) by Chattanooga musician Jerry Reed and explores the fringe musical scene that compiles harsh noise, industrial rhythms and circuital experiments into its cavernous deconstructionist perspective. These are not easy sounds to experience and are often so catastrophic that you may find yourself questioning your sanity-but that’s to be expected, really. Beneath all the squalling electronics and contrary rhythms, there is a powerful emotional release that is generated through these damaged noises.

And despite the difficulty in parsing out the meaning and details of these sounds, the rewards for doing so are monumental. Once you hear the nuance beneath the howl of electronics, you develop an appreciation and fascination for the extreme sonic boundaries that these artists are exploring. You slowly begin to discover that there is a good deal of subtlety hiding under the waves of sound and musical malformation. It just takes some time to know how to hear it. And Leaky Sockets will give you ample time to develop these abilities.

Below is a list of artists expected to perform at Leaky Sockets this year, with sound clips where available. 

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan

Cave Depression

Clark Nova


Divorce Ring


Dylan Houser

Flippin’ Idiots

Grain Death

J. Carter






She Blinded Me With Boxcutters

Shea Stevenson


Suffer Bomb Damage

The Flesh Void

The Sweet Sound of Chaos


Vasectomy Party

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