Listen Up: Ryan Hobler shares new song “I Have Love, I Have You” (Nooga premiere)

Authored By pitulah

New York singer-songwriter Ryan Hobler never met a melody that he couldn’t turn to his own advantage. For the past two decades, he’s been playing music in and around his hometown, performing with various bands and working as a professional audio engineer. And in that time, he’s developed a keen ear for how a song can and should be constructed. Though his music is rooted in traditional folk expectations, there is no sense of being weighed down by his admittedly vast array of influences, which includes artists such as Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and Paul Simon.

Hobler will continue to inspire and kindle the emotions of his fans when he releases “The Elusive Yes” toward the end of 2014. Produced by Andy Baldwin (Bjork, Saint Lucia), this record will continue the “Americana Noir” explorations that have marked his previous work and will have audiences ready for more of his creative and inclusive folk narratives.

Written for his wife on their wedding day, Hobler’s latest single, “I Have Love, I Have You,” finds the singer turning his thoughts toward the years ahead with his wife-and the love that has brought them to where they are today. This idea of emotional satisfaction and honest affection may be too earnest and sincere for some steel-hearted listeners, and Hobler isn’t simply peddling some rote sentimentality. This song and its shuffling acoustic resonance allow him the leeway to move between his own influences while putting his wife at the center of his inspirations. 

Summery guitar lines and a languid percussive rhythm push the song forward at a measured clip, with Hobler’s expressive voice and lyrically driven melodies standing front and center. The song transforms from a simple acoustic ode to love to a densely packed wash of sound and sentiment. As each note unfolds, we’re privy to the gorgeous and melodic world that has been built around these words. And by allowing these same words to ebb and bend around the continually shifting rhythm, Hobler has given his wife (and those of us who’re not the object of his affection) the greatest gift that he can imagine: the gift of a musical memory and experience worth remembering. 

Stream “I Have Love, I Have You” below.

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Updated @ 11:44 a.m. on 9/2/14 to note that Hobler’s album, which was originally identified as not yet named, has been named “The Elusive Yes.”