Listen Up: Varick shares new version of “Boundless,” announces upcoming EP

Authored By pitulah

New York-based composer and musician Keith Varick, who performs and records under the Varick moniker, has been surrounded by music since he was 6 years old, which is when he learned how to play the piano. This formative musical experience guided him throughout his later education, where he studied music theory and composition. The urge to create soon won out over academia, though, and he moved to New York to start a band.

Upon moving to New York, he found a musical peer in like-minded producer David Sisko-a man who had remixed artists such as Cut Copy, Goldfrapp, Dragonette and Roxy Music. This rhythmic relationship would lead them into the studio together to finish a handful of songs that Varick had been storing away. These songs would become the foundation of his upcoming EP, “Boundless,” a collection of songs set to be self-released Nov. 4. Drawing from baroque and romantic strands of classical music, ’90s alternative rock, and analog electronics, his music finds itself situated on the crossroads of a dozen different genres. Lyrically, these songs delve into the themes of advaita, nonduality and enlightenment. 

One of the first songs he released from these sessions was an early version of the title track. Since then, he’s gone back and remastered the EP, including this particular track. The new version is clearer, more energetic and resonates with a searing synthetic heartbeat. The delicate vocals, which are almost lost among the churning synths, perforate the track, allowing air to seep in and expand the rhythmic landscape. Veering between pensive electronics and cathartic synth-pop, this song brings to mind the roaring melodies of M83 or Washed Out-but without feeling beholden to any one influence.

Incorporating light and video projections into his live shows, where he performs as a duo with a drummer, Varick utilizes synths, vocals, guitars, a laptop and a host of live percussive elements to further explore and investigate these particular rhythmic avenues. His work is fueled by an insatiable desire for change and innovation, and through these songs, he has allowed his audience a small glimpse into the inner workings of his ever-expanding world. 

Stream the remastered version of “Boundless” below.

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