Local attorney opens solo practice, provides human resources help to small businesses

Authored By Chloé Morrison

Local attorney Dan Gilmore has exited the traditional law firm life to create his own business: Squire Strategies, which will provide flexible, cost-effective human resources solutions for area businesses and entrepreneurs. 

“Once a company is up and running to start hiring people, they may be having human resource challenges that they want to address before they become problems,” he said. “[I’m] doing proactive-type work to address issues before they become problems.”

Gilmore has practiced labor and employment law for more than 20 years in large, full-service firms. 

He entered private practice in 1990 with Chattanooga’s Miller & Martin, where he worked as a member of the firm’s labor and employment practice group and dealt daily with all levels of management with a wide range of companies, including the firm’s largest client, Coca-Cola Enterprises.  

In 1996, he was selected to serve as counsel for CCE’s West Group, headquartered in Los Angeles, where he was responsible for CCE’s labor and employment matters in 14 states.  

After a decade in this position, Gilmore returned to the firm’s Nashville office. Then in 2009, he was recruited back to Chattanooga to join the labor and employment practice group at Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel.

But he soon realized that environment wasn’t the type of place he would thrive. So now he’s an entrepreneur with his own startup, and he’s working to help other entrepreneurs. 

He can handle bigger businesses as well, but can’t devote 100 percent of his business to one client. So a big class-action suit wouldn’t be something he’d take on, he said. 

His office is in the Business Development Center, located at 100 Cherokee Blvd., which is an incubator that provides low-cost office space for startups and entrepreneurs. 

Although he is also licensed in Texas and California, Gilmore said that Chattanooga is a perfect place for his new venture. 

“The convergence of so many different interests and businesses has made it such a unique place,” he said. “It’s like a perfect storm in a good way.”

Gilmore can help business startups with human resource issues because entrepreneurs may not be sure of laws and regulations. They may not know the appropriate action for paying or working with volunteers.

They also may not know how to avoid getting into a situation that could eventually lead to a lawsuit or other problems. 

His motto is “When it comes to human resources, it’s never too early to get it right.” 

His business will also offer “highly effective legal representation” should a problem arise. But he prefers to work with clients in a collaborative way to minimize risks.

His services and charges will be tailored to each customer. 

Costs are predetermined based on each client’s circumstances, which eliminates the element of surprise fees, he said. 

He’s been in his office about a month and is now working on letting people know what he can offer. 

“I’m looking forward to [providing services] in a way that’s not traditional,” he said. 

Updated @ 2:02 p.m. on 5/10/13 to correct a factual error: Gilmore’s motto is “When it comes to human resources, it’s never too early to get it right,” not “When it comes to human relations, it’s never too early to get it right,” as originally reported.