Local comic shop celebrates marriage of Batman and Catwoman with cake, festivities

Authored By Sean Phipps

Batman and Catwoman will marry in Batman #50. (Photo: Batman #50, DC Comics)

Fans of the DC Universe have been waiting for the release of Batman #50 for a while now. The issue features the official wedding story of Batman and Catwoman, a story arc that has been building for several recent issues.

Infinity Flux will host a late-night release party and wedding celebration on Tuesday night from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. at their Hixson Pike store.

Guests can be the first to get a copy of Batman #50 and purchase all the preludes — Batman #48 and #49 — and Catwoman #1.

In addition to comics, guests can enjoy a wedding cake from Chatta-Cakes bakery. The cake will be a custom, three-tiered cake designed specifically for the Batman/Catwoman ceremony.

“As someone interested in comics, this wedding is a big deal,” Infinity Flux co-owner Jason Mink said. “Batman came out in 1939 and Catwoman followed shortly after in 1940, so the idea that for the first time since the early-40s they’re getting married is incredible.”

An article from explains the somewhat complicated back story of how the Batman and Catwoman marriage came to be.

Mink said all signs point to the wedding being an ongoing, lasting thing.

“Tom King who is writing it is a big romantic type who goes on in interviews about how much he loves his wife … so, I don’t think this is going to be a short-term thing,” Mink said. “Incidentally, King used to be in the CIA and thought about his wife constantly while on dangerous assignments. All signs point to this wedding happening and lasting.”

Meagan Frey is co-planning the event at Infinity Flux. She has been reading the new comics and thinks the marriage is important.

“It’s significant in the way our heroes are connected to our real life, “she said. “We think of Batman as a dark, gritty person who can’t find love and connect with anybody. I’ve been reading the new comics and they’ve restarted everything … King takes our previous mental image of Batman and shows how he and Catwoman connect on that level.”

Variants for issue #50 are limited, so guests are encouraged to reserve a copy by messaging the store owners.