Readers vote: Local history topics, Chattanooga, TN

The story of Jerome Simmerman and Jemina Bolton — as told using only information from the Chattanooga Public Library.

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We have to start this morning’s email with a tip of the hat to our remarkable readers. We asked you all for local history ideas for our next BiblioChatt installment, and y’all came through like true Chattanoogans curious and thoughtful — with about 40 great ideas. 

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Chloé here, and I honestly wanted to keep almost all the ideas, but we had to narrow it down. 

So, Trista and I chose our favorite ideas, and we asked the fine folks in the Chattanooga Public Library’s local history department to help us narrow it down, so you — yes YOU — can vote on the topic you want me to research, using only library materials. No googling. 

Now, we just need you to vote on the topic you want us to research out of the ideas below. 

You have 24 hours to vote, and then I’ll get to researchin’ and have your answer by the end of the month.