Love stories in Chattanooga, TN

Love is in the air. | Photo by Albert Rafael via Pexels

Today we’re talking love storiesNooga love stories that is. Readers were kind enough to share their first date stories, engagement tales, and other scenes with us that could’ve been plucked straight out of a Chattanooga movie, and we’d like to share them with you while love is still in the air.

Without further ado, here are 14 times that cupid visited the Scenic City.

💏 Love at first bite

“My husband and I met at the Red Bank McDonalds. He was getting off the night shift at Moccasin Bend and I was going to work a morning shift at a daycare center. We were both turning 60 so, believe me, we just started having conversations. He had the “nerve” to ask me out for dinner and that was that. We got married in November 2018 and have never looked back!” – Patricia D.

😍 A good catch

“I found my love on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga. I moved here from Germany because of the Tennessee river in 1989. Years later, in 1998 I got an invitation to spend the day on a boat and see the Riverbend fireworks. On the flybridge we met the captain and introduced ourselves. After a while the captain reached out his hand and signaled a welcome to me to drive the boat. The rest is history! We got married 3 and a half years later to the date.” – Kyra D.

🔐 Heart’s under Moc + key

“We met at UTC, and went to Tony’s for our first date during finals week of freshman year! In 2019, we got engaged at the Hunter Museum overlook after another Tony’s dinner. We got married in Chattanooga before COVID in January of last year. Go Mocs!” – Megan B.

“I met my significant other when we were freshmen at UTC. Our first date was a tour of downtown Chattanooga, starting with the Hunter Art Museum and ending with the TN Aquarium. Almost 5 years later, we’ve made Chattanooga our home. I truly believe Chattanooga is a city that fosters connections and strong relationships like ours through its many, many offerings and activities.” – Logan G.

🎲 A ‘Risk’ worth taking

“My husband and I met through mutual friends at a board game night and became best friends while climbing and camping at Foster Falls. A couple years later, we got engaged at the Stringer’s Ridge overlook. We still love camping and climbing in all the awesome spots around Chattanooga.” – Emily A.

💑 Fate for $1,000, Alex

“My now fiancé and I played trivia at Chattanooga Brewing Co for months on opposing teams. I ran into him and introduced myself to him at Taco Mamacita, and literally ran into him the next day on the riverwalk (fate?!). We continued to play weekly trivia around the scenic city until the pandemic.” – Laura S.

“Met my husband in the elevator at One North Shore, had our first date at beast and barrel, and got married at Lula Lake this past October. 😊😊 – Amanda C

My husband & I met at Brainerd Jr High School in 1964. We dated while at Brainerd High and then went on separate life journeys for 42 years. We reconnected thanks to, married in 2010, and came home to Chattanooga from Chicago in 2018. Chattanooga — where it all began — is now happily ever after❣️” – Stott N.

🎶 You go down smooth

“I had a terribly difficult day at work, and he invited me over to Stir for a few drinks. We talked for hours at the bar. One thing led to another and here we are a year later, looking for an apartment to move in together!” – V.

💍 When you know, you know

“I was proposed to here in Chattanooga! Graham came home after a day hauling trash out of Bees at the initial construction phase and bent on one knee, cobwebs and all! He must have been doing some thinking as he worked. 😊❤️ “ –@BeesOnABicycle

“My husband and I met on Tinder here in Chatt and had the typical dinner and a movie for our first date. We stayed at Waffle House all night (literal hours) talking and drinking coffee. Then on our second date we went to Mellow Mushroom downtown and passed by Sandy, he asked if we were married and my husband said “Not yet!” Sandy knew, and I did too.” – @LocustLabs

✈️ You make my heart soar

“We met at the Chattanooga Airport in 2019 while waiting for a flight. I was flying back home to Seattle after visiting my parents in Hixson. Our flight was delayed and he struck up a conversation with me. We ended up talking for over an hour, and when we finally boarded realized our seats were right next to each other! Fast forward two years later, I now live here and we are getting married in June. 💕”  –Nicole G.

💗 More like ChattaWOOga

“Met my husband at a CFC game, had our first date at Blue Plate, got engaged at Laurel Snow backpacking! Wedding was at Hidden Hollow in Chickamauga. ♥️” –@RCarlCobb

“The Choo Choo and that led to a 13 hour 1st date. I’ve always believed that place was magical. 🚂” –@LunaYoga3

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