Mockup: Chattanooga city pass

The TN Aquarium would be a great addition to a Chattanooga city pass. | NOOGAtoday

When we asked how you all feel about a Chattanooga city pass, the response was a resounding “Yes, let’s please do that.”

Disclaimer: We don’t have a city pass ready to sell to you. But we do have an idea of what it could look like. And pssst, City of Chattanooga, River City Co., and Chattanooga Tourism Co. — we have a really good idea over here.

City pass example

Just a couple hours down the road, Atlanta has a Top 5 Attractions CityPASS. This is how it works:

  • Purchase the pass — $77 for adults + $63 for children.
  • Receive mobile tickets.
  • You have up to 1 year from the purchase date to use the pass.
  • Once you start using it, you have 9 days to visit the attractions at your own pace.

Our idea

Geared more toward residents, we like the idea of a customizable annual city pass you can use all year long with attractions you pick to add on.

Ex. Trista here, and my city pass would have the TN Aquarium, Rock City, The Hunter Museum, and the Bessie Smith Cultural Center.

In Editor Trista’s vision, her city pass would include annual admission to the Hunter Museum. | NOOGAtoday

This is where an organization like Chattanooga Tourism Co. comes into play — each attraction could work with the tourism company to settle on a discounted price for the city pass bundle, and the more attractions added to the pass, the lower the overall price.

Does this sound like it would work? What are we missing? Let’s keep this discussion going + rope in an organization that can make it happen. Chattanooga Tourism Co., we’re looking at you. 👀

Reader feedback

“Talking about a city pass for all the city cool places…  yes!!! Great idea for visitors and residents alike.” Shauna J.

“I think that would be a great idea! More obscure attractions might get visited more with combined Chattanooga area passes. Don’t forget Raccoon Mtn Caverns. Another attraction that is good during the heat of the summer.”Doug A.

“I think a pass is a great idea for tourists. It works well in Chicago, but it should include shuttle service to these attractions.”Autumn B.

“Yes, an annual activity pass would be good. People in my age group have money to spend but are averse to going downtown from the suburbs due to the parking situation. We’d rather spend our money and time on food, goods, and experiences instead of an inconvenient plot of ground for our chariot.”D.S.

“LOVE the idea of an annual pass combining some of Chatt’s favorite activities and ‘can’t miss’ spots! Great idea!”Kelly S.

“I read the idea about annual passes for multiple attractions and, sure, if it’s customizable and costs less than the annual passes already do that would be great. What would be even better — an annual parking pass. My family frequents downtown multiple times a week, sometimes with more than one vehicle. I would love it if we could purchase a yearly parking pass that allows us to park in specific areas. Does that already exist and I just don’t know about it? Are there any lots that offer that?”Sara N.

“I’m all for a combined season pass. A long time ago I was going to college in St. Augustine, FL. At that time all residents of that county could enter most county attractions for free. It was great, especially for students and others of lower or fixed income. Times change so I’d like to see a reduced cost pass for X attractions or a punch ticket for X admissions. Thank you for publishing the idea! And thank you to the person who suggested it.”Gail R.