Murals in Chattanooga, Tn.

"Buttafly Transportal" by The Artist SEVEN. | Photo via NOOGAtoday

Chattanooga is home to many beautiful murals that tell the story of the Scenic City in an artistic, visual way. A new year gives us the chance to explore some of our favorite works of art that are just waiting to be admired.

Photos can’t always do these pieces justice, so we recommend getting out to see these beauties in personCheck out this map, you can consider this your handy dandy key to mural locations from all over the city.

Calling all Star Wars junkies, we have the perfect spot in town for you | Photo via NOOGAtoday


🎨 Yoda Mural

 Between Gannon Art Center + Art Warehouse on Brainerd Rd. | Created by @theartistseven

One of the nine panels on the E. 10th Street Murals project. | Photo via NOOGAtoday


🎨 The Soul of MLK Murals

 E. 10th Street + Foster Street | In a project headed by EPB, nine artists contributed to this series of murals. 

“Maya’s Blues” by The Artist SEVEN. | Photo via NOOGAtoday
“Dimensional Evolution” by The Artist SEVEN. | Photo via NOOGAtoday


🎨 The Passage at 3116 Murals

 3116 Brainerd Rd. | Created by @theartistseven

The mural was inspired by a photograph taken by Flip Schulke. | Photo via NOOGAtoday


🎨 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mural

734 E. MLK Blvd. |Created by Kevin Bate @goodwithfaces

One of Chattanooga’s most popular selfie spots. | Photo via NOOGAtoday


🎨 What Lifts You Mural

1501 Long St. | Created by @kelseymontagueart