New company Click, Click, Boom connects small business, consumers via technology

Authored By chloe.morrison

When entrepreneur Susanne Burnham moved to the Scenic City, she felt like she was finally home. 

“I feel like the universe just sucked me into Chattanooga,” she said. 

Now, she is working to give back to the city that she said has embraced her and her daughter. 

Burnham is the founder of Click, Click, Boom, which provides marketing tools and strategies for businesses to use via text, email and social media. 

She is currently working her way through The Company Lab’s business accelerator program and has already built her company up to six employees and about 85 local business clients. 

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Click here to see a video of how the services can work. 

Businesses such as Burns Tobacconist and Fredonia-Provisions for Women are using Burnham’s services, she said. 

Burnham helps businesses use a multi-channel Internet-based platform to send texts, emails, or messages via Twitter, Facebook or other social media. 

And she helps them with strategy-when to send a message, how often, what to say in the message, how to engage customers and build a solid client base. 

She helps business leaders come up with promotion plans and giveaways to help engage and interest them.

Then, the system allows the business owners to build a database with customer information. The business owners can see see analytics about the people they are interacting with, too. 

Instead of writing a message on a sandwich board outside a restaurant or other small business, owners can blast the messages out via technology. 

Burnham and her team can get a business representative set up on the system in about 15 minutes, and from there, they help with customized posters and other promotions. 

“We help them in the first couple of weeks do a ramp up, and that’s usually surrounded by a giveaway of some kind,” she said. “Then we try to lead them toward independent marketing, where they’re really thinking about customers and what they are asking for and what they want.”

Schools and churches can also use the system, and, in addition to using it for marketing, it can also be used as an internal communication system, Burnham said. 

Anyone who wants to put out real-time information and get responses and engagement would benefit from the product, she also said. 

She’s working toward getting a brick and mortar location and wants to grow to 50 employees. 

“I would love to give back and employ [area residents] and have a great company that’s a ton of fun,” she said.