New Innovation District brand unveiled

Authored By chloe.morrison

Mayor Andy Berke unveiled new branding for the city’s Innovation District Thursday morning.

“This is who we are-thinkers, starters, doers,” Berke said to the crowd at the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce’s downtown council meeting before showing the new logo. 

The Innovation District brand, with accompanying logo and visual markers, will be visible throughout the 140-acre district, which is located in the middle of Chattanooga’s downtown.

The design
After a request for proposals, companies Widgets & Stone, 26 Tools and The Official Studio collaborated for the new design. 

Widgets & Stone, which led the collaboration, has been a staple of the Chattanooga design community for more than 20 years and is located in the Innovation District.

“There’s an irony to creating a brand about an innovation district,” Widgets & Stone Director Paul Rustand said in a prepared statement. “Innovation, at its best, is something that can’t be programmed. It’s like inspiration or good fortune-it happens, and the best you can do is have the right people in place and be prepared to catch it and hold on to it as it takes flight.”

Berke said that the design team researched districts in other cities and also spent time with the people living, working and interacting with the Innovation District. 

“Inspired by the idea of pathways connecting people to place, they created a vibrant, dynamic brand to represent a vibrant, dynamic district of our city,” he also said in a prepared statement. 

The district 
Berke established the Innovation District in January 2015. The area is home to a range of startups, business incubators and accelerators.

The idea was to have them purposefully located close together and near amenities within a walkable urban core, officials also said. 

The district is anchored by the Edney Innovation Center, which is currently home to 46 businesses and organizations, including accelerator Co.Lab, The Enterprise Center, Tech Goes Home Chattanooga, Carbon Five and Society of Work.

It’s also home to an open community space called Floor Five, which has hosted more than 1,183 events with an estimated 20,500 attendees to date.

The district also includes the MLK mural; several new apartment buildings, including the soon-to-open Tomorrow Building; and Miller Park, which will undergo a major redesign later this year.

Berke said: 

Chattanooga’s Innovation District has quickly became a place where people from all walks of life and backgrounds come together to explore and collaborate, whether it’s within the realm of technology, art, recreation, commerce or civic engagement. And as Chattanooga’s Innovation District continues to grow, we needed a brand to symbolize this bold place full of people working together to discover the next big thing.

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