New York Times names Chattanooga on list of top 45 places to visit

Authored By Chloé Morrison

The New York Times listed Chattanooga as one of the top 45 places to go in 2012. 

The Scenic City, also recently dubbed Gig City, landed at No. 25 on the list, which also includes locations such as Antarctica, Wales, Morocco, Finland, London and Tokyo. 

According to the article, Chattanooga is fueled by artists and retailers. 

“In 1969, Walter Cronkite famously called Chattanooga the ‘dirtiest’ city in America,” writer Sarah Wildman said in the portion about Chattanooga. “In recent years, though, it has undergone a dramatic overhaul with a radical gentrification plan and an aggressive citywide push to lure artists.” 

Wildman also mentioned Warehouse Row, 4 Bridges Arts Festival and the “$120 million clean-up-and-invest 21st Century Waterfront Plan” in the piece. 

The New York Times’s top pick was Panama. 

Chattanooga has also recently gotten mentions on The Today Show, Outside Magazine and Southern Living.