Nine of Chattanooga’s unique alleys

This alleyway is located on Broad Street near the James Building. | Photo by NOOGAtoday

Chattanooga has a lot of unique alleyways, and all of them serve a different purpose — whether it’s a sweet photoshoot spot, a place to grab lunch, or just a fun stop on your stupid walk for your stupid mental health.

We’re breaking down where to find the alleys + all the best ways to enjoy them (photoshoot or otherwise).

Cooper’s Alley, 704 Market St. (access via 7th Street)

This alleyway was made popular back in 2018 thanks to an award-winning art installation called “City Thread” that transformed the alley into a vibrant public space. Now, the alleyway serves as an outdoor space for two local bars, Unknown Caller + Cherry Street Tavern, an event space, and a spot to check out intriguing new graffiti. Organizations interested in hosting an event here can reach out to River City Co.

Urban Chandelier, 709 Cherry St. (attached to Cooper’s Alley)

The Urban Chandelier is formed by 850 individual carbon fiber rods with 6,000 reflective styrene triangles suspended above the small alleway attached to Cooper’s Alley. The light effects on this art installation make it a great spot for photos (or even meditation).

Umbrella Alley, 298-200 W. 8th St. 

Alleys lined with suspended umbrellas are popular all over the world, and Chattanooga is no exception. Check out the popular spot for photographs in West Village, but don’t leave without checking out…

Chattaboogie Nights Alley, attached to Umbrella Alley

This hidden alleyway will make you feel like you’re in France. With tables and chairs scattered around the alley, it’s the perfect spot for a romantic + peaceful picnic.

Neural Alley, Broad Street (next to the James Building)

Many Chattanoogans will remember when this alleyway was filled with modal, painted blocks that passersby could move to create their own image. The space’s twinkling lights remain, though, and are perfect for your coffee-in-hand ‘gram moments after stopping by Sleepyhead next door. 

Bluff View Alley, 204 High St. (behind the River Gallery + Rembrandt’s)

While all of Bluff View Arts District feels like another world, this alleyway feels like the Italian countryside (especially when fresh bread is baking next door). Grab a cup of coffee from Rembrandt’s and stroll through the alley next time the patio is packed.

Food Truck Alley, 503 Market St.

What was once an empty downtown lot is now an alley for food trucks to call home + Chattanoogans to grab some lunch. Stay updated on when truck vendors will be serving via social media.

Jack’s Alley, 417 Market St.

Jack’s Alley is home to various restaurants + businesses like Taco Mac, Panera Bread, and Sticky Fingers. While the space is primarily for outdoor restaurant seating, there is an old Coca-Cola sign surrounded by greenery that makes for a cool photo — and it’s a great shortcut from Market to Broad, to boot.

Bitter Alibi Alley, 825 Houston St.

This alley is utilized by The Bitter Alibi to provide more outdoor seating. It’s the perfect spot to grab a drink and hang out when you don’t wanna be around people. We love the clever use of space between two buildings to make this restaurant more fun.