The Old Farmer’s Almanac Predictions for snow in Chattanooga, TN

Vintage postcard of Bluff View after a snowstorm
On the bright side, look forward to some fresh photo ops | Photo via Picnooga

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We love winter in Tennessee. That’s why we have 5 extras. But with a few mild winters behind us, we’re wondering how long our luck will hold up. Enter the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac — published continuously since 1792 — is predicting a shift to bitter cold this winter season, with Chattanooga set for a cold + snowy wintertide. Now we’re curious… How accurate is the oldest published periodical for Chattanooga snowfall?

A breakdown of this year’s upcoming winter conditions. | Photo from The Old Farmer’s Almanac

In order to make its yearly predictions, the Old Farmer’s Almanac looks at solar sciencethe study of sunspots + other activityclimatology, and meteorology. The publication claims to have an 80% accuracy rate on its predictions.

Take a look at the last 3 winters and decide for yourself if the Almanac holds water (or other precipitation). 


  • Almanac prediction — warm + wet
  • First snow — Jan. 29
  • Last snow — Jan. 29
  • Number of days below freezing — 39 days
  • Total precipitation — 27” (0.1” of snowfall)


  • Almanac prediction — mild, with soakers
  • First snow — Dec. 10
  • Last snow — Feb., 8
  • Number of days below freezing — 31 days
  • Total precipitation — 22” (3” of snowfall)


  • Almanac prediction — not so cold, not too wet
  • First snow — N/A
  • Last snow — N/A 
  • Number of days below freezing — 41 days
  • Total precipitation — 13” (0” of snowfall)

(Pssst… if you remember snow dustings last year, you’re not wrong. We got this from the National Weather Service, which only keeps data on snowfall that sticks around >0 inches.)