Photos: Inside ChattLab’s new space

Authored By chloe.morrison

Artists, tinkerers, woodworkers, tech types, engineers and others now have a space to create and a community of like-minded people to bond with. 

Chattanooga makerspace ChattLab recently moved into the Business Development Center and received its nonprofit status. 

The group-which now has 32 members-started with 21 people who agreed to pay $50 a month because they believed in the organization and wanted to help it find a home. 

The group hosts weekly meetings on Tuesdays and has upcoming workshops on topics such as coding and robotics. Click here for more information about the workshops.

Click here to see a demo of the “bot” the group will be making in an upcoming workshop. 

Check out this more in-depth article about the organization, and get a glimpse inside with the photos below.