Reader: Boyd Patterson best choice for Criminal Court judge

Authored By Adam Green

The title of Criminal Court judge is a term to which I have not usually paid any attention. The times have changed, and I now feel we need to focus and concentrate on who sits on the bench in Criminal Court. We need an experienced and well-prepared attorney, and in my opinion, Boyd Patterson is that candidate. Boyd is an experienced prosecutor who is focused on dealing with what causes people to do things that bring them into the criminal justice system. He is well-versed on gang activity having served as Gang Task Force coordinator before returning to the prosecutor’s office.

I serve on a board with Boyd and observed him delivering well-thought-out positions on issues dealing with difficult interactions of people. Boyd is a well-trained and experienced attorney, having served as a Hamilton County prosecutor for 12 years. He has the unique ability to get to the basics of an argument and very professionally deliver his recommendation. He is bright without arrogance. He is able to explain his positions in terms most of us understand. So often we hear lawyers speak in the jargon of “law speak” and we wonder what the conversation is all about. Boyd understands we are not all lawyers.

Why am I writing this letter? I want to urge my Republican friends to help Boyd become our next Criminal Court judge. He is intelligent, articulate, familiar with criminal law, able to communicate understandably, and I feel confident that those attributes will serve the community well in his ability to be both fair and firm in the administration of criminal justice. I have seen him in action and have complete confidence in his abilities.

Please make every effort to vote in the primary on March 1 and during early voting Feb. 10 through Feb. 23. We all have a responsibility to elect effective folks to the judiciary. Boyd Patterson is that person. Vote!

Irv Ginsburg

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