How to boost your home’s curb appeal

Home exterior at sunset
Asked: How can I boost my home’s curb appeal? | Photo via Pexels

ICYMI, the housing market is hot right now. How hot? As of January 2021, there were more real estate agents than available homes in the U.S. 🤯

The market is equally tight locally, with Tennessee snagging the No. 1 spot in U-Haul’s 2020 ranking of states by migration growth. Read: A large influx of people are moving to Nooga, Knoxville, Nashville (hey, NASHtoday) and beyond.

Bryan Fryar, Mortgage Sales Manager at Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, recently tackled this topic with Re/Max real estate agent Matt Mucciolo and Melissa Astin and Hannah Lancaster of Crabtree Farms in the latest installment of TVFCU’s Mortgage Seminar Series. 

Screenshot from Grow Your Homes virtual seminar
Bryan talking curb appeal with Melissa and Hannah of Crabtree Farms, whose 21st annual Spring Plant Sale is happening April 15-24 | Video by TVFCU

You can watch the full virtual seminar here + learn about: 

  • why the housing market is so tight (think: low interest rates + high demand) 
  • how to prepare your home to sell (think: making a plan, finding a real estate agent, determining your budget and making repairs as needed) 
  • ways to boost your curb appeal (think: fresh-cut grass, colorful flowers, fruit trees + more)

DYK? TVFCU drops new Mortgage Seminar Series installments every month, aiming to help Noogans easily navigate the home-buying process. (And as a community-based credit union and full-service lender, their entire mortgage process happens in-house + locally.)

Click here to watch + learn.