Rep Your City Design Contest

We’re calling for local-focused designs from artists + designers for the Rep Your City Design Contest, launching June 1 | Image by 6AM City

Calling all artists. We’re launching our Rep Your City Design Contest, where artists + designers can submit designs to be featured on products in The NOOGAtoday Shopour online shop, home to merch featuring local landmarks + city slogans — and get paid up to $1,500.

The goal? To work with + support creatives, share cool designs, and celebrate our city.

Designers are encouraged to submit their local-focused graphics, illustrations, or paintings that can be digitized and placed on shirts, mugs, prints, bags + more.

Designs we’re looking for:

  • City icons (think: recognizable skylines, landscapes, buildings + landmarks)
  • Local celebrities
  • Key city events
  • History
  • Food + drink 
  • Well-known companies
  • See what designs we currently have in our shop, like this Chattanooga Checklist sweatshirt

How it works: 

  • This is an ongoing contest through 2021, with multiple rounds, winners, and chances to submit designs. Non-winning designs stay in the pool of submissions for the next round.
  • Our audience chooses the winning designs (1 or more winners per round) by voting in a poll hosted on our website. Voting rounds take place for 1 full week. 

1️⃣ Contest round 1: 

  • Entry period opens on Tues., June 1
  • Our readers + social media followers vote on the top designs from June 22-28
  • Votes are tallied and the winner(s) is announced in our newsletter on Thurs., July 1

2️⃣ Contest round 2 will run July-September

3️⃣ Contest round 3 will run October-December — stay tuned for more details on both of the next rounds. 

What you get if you win:

  • You’ll make up to $1,500. We’ll buy the rights to use + reproduce your design for $500, and for every 100 units purchased up to 1,000 units, we’ll send you an additional check for $100.
  • You’ll be featured in our store’s “Meet the Artists” page with your bio, website + social media. 
  • Your design will be featured in our newsletters, social media + promotional materials.

How to enter: 

  • Submit your design through the form below (files accepted include JPG + PNG; max size 500MB).
  • Applicants can submit as many designs as they’d like.

If selected, the winner must be able to provide the design in the following specs:

  • JPG or PNG file type
  • Print file resolution of 300 DPI
  • Color profile saved in sRGB
  • More info about preparing a print file here

We can’t wait to see your designs, NOOGA. Know a designer or artist? Share this with them.