Repairs announced for Walnut Street Bridge

Authored By Sean Phipps

A fresh coat of paint, board and corroded ironwork replacements, and more are part of a new construction project for Walnut Street Bridge, announced Monday.

According to a news release from Derryberry Public Relations, Bell and Associates Construction will be working for the next six months on the project.

Repairs are expected to begin in the next few weeks. 

Although the bridge is used for marquee events-Wine Over Water and Head of the Hooch, for example-officials said the work should offer “minimal disruption.”

“Our team is committed to making these repairs in a way that causes minimal disruption to those visiting the bridge,” said Keith Pyle, president of Bell and Associates. “We know the importance of having the bridge available during . special events.”

The bridge will remain open throughout construction, although portions may be fenced off during work on specific areas.

A Facebook page has been set up to offer regular updates and news about the progress of the work. Officials will also answer any questions about the project there. 

The Walnut Street Bridge was built in 1890 as the County Bridge, connecting downtown with the North Shore. The bridge was closed for automobile traffic in 1978 and sat unused for almost a decade. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. In 2009-2010, a $1.3 million construction project replaced the asphalt surface with wooden planks.