Results for Aug. 7 election

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Rep. Chuck Fleischmann narrowly survived a challenge for the Republican Party nomination in Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District. Throughout most of the evening, his close race with challenger Weston Wamp hovered around a 2 percentage point difference between them. Fleischmann gave a brief victory speech in downtown Chattanooga late Thursday evening.  

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Incumbent school board members won re-election: Greg Martin in the 3rd District, Joe Galloway in the 6th District and David Testerman in the 8th District. Two open seats were won by Karitsa Mosley in the 5th District and Steve Highlander in the 9th District.

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Sen. Lamar Alexander held off a primary challenge from a handful of conservative candidates. The two-term senator and former Tennessee governor will represent the GOP in the November election against the winner of the Democratic contest between Gordon Ball and Terry Adams.

Chattanooga’s domestic partnership ordinance was defeated by voters in a citywide referendum. The City Council passed the ordinance last November, but it was quickly challenged by a conservative political action committee to get it on the August ballot.

Yes Chattanooga called the referendum’s outcome “deeply disappointing.”

Patsy Hazlewood defeated Tommy Crangle in the GOP primary for the state House’s 27th District. She will face Democratic candidate Eric McRoy in November.

Commissioner Joe Graham beat challenger John Allen Brooks for the 6th District seat on the Hamilton County Commission. Graham first won the seat previously held by Brooks in 2010.

Commissioner Tim Boyd defeated Kenny Smith to win re-election for the commission’s 8th District seat.

Both of the remaining Democratic countywide officials who were on the ballot lost re-election. Steven Smith beat Public Defender Ardena Garth. Vince Dean defeated Criminal Court Clerk Gwen Tidwell.

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Polls close at 8 p.m. in Hamilton County and throughout Tennessee, and with them, the first wave of election results will be released from early voting over the past two weeks.

The initial returns can give some local candidates a boost early on, making it harder for their opponents to catch up as individual precinct results are reported. But in some of Tennessee’s bigger races, which include statewide and congressional primaries, they are less likely to foreshadow how the elections will end.

It could be a long night.

There are more than 70 races on the ballot in Hamilton County. And we’ll be tracking both county and statewide election results.

Some of the key races we’re following tonight are contested Republican primaries.

In the 3rd Congressional District, Rep. Chuck Fleischmann faces Weston Wamp. Next door in the 4th Congressional District, Rep. Scott DesJarlais faces state Sen. Jim Tracy.

Sen. Lamar Alexander is being challenged by state Rep. Joe Carr, Memphis businessman George Flinn and four others.

Three Tennessee Supreme Court justices have retention battles tonight. The ballot measures occur every eight years and do not typically garner much attention. But the justices have been targeted by the state’s lieutenant governor and other conservatives, prompting big spending on both sides.

Chattanooga’s domestic partnership ordinance goes to a citywide referendum, which will determine whether the legislation goes into effect.

In the Hamilton County general election, there’s the 6th District race between Commissioner Joe Graham and John Allen Brooks. There’s also the 8th District race between Commissioner Tim Boyd and Kenny Smith. Both of these are rematches from 2010.

Two countywide races to keep an eye on include incumbent Democrats who are being challenged by Republicans. The first is between Criminal Court Clerk Gwen Tidwell and Vince Dean. The second is between Public Defender Ardena Garth and Steven Smith.

And there are 19 candidates in school board races for districts 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9.

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Hamilton County election results:

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