Reuters: Volkswagen workers to appeal NLRB recommendation

Authored By chloe.morrison

Volkswagen employees will appeal a recommendation to dismiss allegations against Volkswagen of America and the United Auto Workers Union, Reuters reported.

One of the employees involved in the allegations, Mike Burton, said he’s disappointed in the National Labor Relations Board’s recommendation.

“I am disappointed that the NLRB chose to ignore the obvious,” he said via text message. “Misrepresentation did occur. The charges were just one way to bring attention to the fact that the UAW uses methods that are not fair.  We have over 600 signatures from hourly employees that do not want the UAW. The charges will be appealed.”

The appeal could prevent an election, but that is also up to the NLRB.

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Officials with the NLRB have recommended that allegations be dismissed against both parties, and the recommendation was made public Thursday. 

“We plan to assist the workers as far as they want to take it,” Anthony Riedel, National Right to Work Legal Foundation spokesman, said via email. “The appeal could prevent an election, but that is also up to the NLRB.”

The charges came from Volkswagen employees with help from the National Right to Work Legal Foundation and stem from efforts to organize the local plant. 

One complaint alleged, in part, that statements by German officials have illegally coerced workers into representation by the United Auto Workers Union.

The other complaint said that UAW representatives got workers to sign union authorization cards by coercion and misrepresentation and used union cards signed too long ago to be legally valid.

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Updated @ 4:18 p.m. on 1/24/14 to add more information as it became available.