Sales tax holidays approach for Tennessee, Georgia residents

(Photo: Catharine Wells) The inside of the Hamilton Place mall where several new shopping additions have been made.

Authored By chloe.morrison

Tennessee and Georgia residents can start planning their shopping lists for the upcoming sales tax holidays, during which some items are tax-exempt. 

Tennessee and Georgia are two of 17 states with sales tax holidays scheduled, according to

Hamilton Place Mall 

The mall is extending its hours during the tax-free holiday. Click here for more information. 

There are proponents and detractors of the holidays. Some call the holidays gimmicks “that rely on bad tax policy” and cost states money, while others say the holidays boost economies by getting more people to the stores, according to Bankrate. 

Regardless of perspective, the tax-free shopping days are generally popular and represent some of the busiest days for area retailers. 

Tennessee’s tax holiday is July 29-31. Georgia’s is July 30-31.

Click here to see a list of tax-exempt items in Georgia and here for more about Tennessee items. 

“Pay attention to the details,”’s Kay Bell wrote. “Each state sets precise rules for what is, and isn’t, tax-free. There are also purchasing guidelines that cover such things as multiple items, rain checks, layaways and coupons.”