ICYMI: September 2020 news in Chattanooga, TN

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Is time flying or standing still? Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but either way, it’s the end of September, and that means it’s time to take a look back at the content you loved the most. 

Top Conversations:

🗳️ Navigating the 2020 General Election, locally

With the Nov. 3 General Election creeping up on us, this comprehensive election guide has info on everything (no, seriously — everything) you may need to know before stepping into the voting box. From polling days, to candidates, to an election dictionary, there’s no excuse for not being prepared come Election Day.

💚 10 Things you might not know about Publix

Grocery store chain Publix, with three stores located here and one in the works, was a major read for you guys this past month. Did you know that Publix carries local products in many of its markets? Check out the article for more you might not have known

🌇 How well do you know Chattanooga, TN?

Think you know Chattanooga? Take the quiz to find out — you may be shocked at what you do (or don’t) know about the city.

Top Clicked Links

📮 Absentee Voting 

This link takes you directly to the Hamilton County Election Commission’s page for absentee voting. On the site, you can determine if you’re eligible to vote absentee by-mail and access the ballot application web portal to request an absentee ballot. ProTip: The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Oct. 27. 

🏞️ Riverwalk extension

You all also loved this article from NewsChannel 9 about connecting downtown to the Tennessee River through West MLK Boulevard. 

Top Comments

🐐 Regarding this post about the Local Goat restaurant coming to Chattanooga:

“Chattanooga is in for a treat!! #1 Restaurant to eat at in Pigeon Forge! I have ate there several times and never had a bad meal.” – Reader, Jamie P. 

🍎 An email from a reader asking for fall content:

“Hey! I love reading nooga today. I was wondering if some time this fall you could cover best places for apple picking, and pumpkin patches etc? Also if you could cover some top resources for moms (Pregnancy resources, kids activities etc)” – Reader, Kate C. 

We’ve got you covered, Kate. Stay tuned for some serious fall activity content, and we’ll work on some local resources for moms. Email us + let us know if you have info about either of these topics.