SoundCorps launches monthly newsletter highlighting local music

The Jan. edition of Pitch Sifter features five songs from local artists. (Photos: Contributed)

Authored By Sean Phipps

The January edition of Pitch Sifter features five songs from local artists. 

A new monthly newsletter will feature five locally produced songs for $5 per month.

Pitch Sifter debuted in January with a curated selection of songs from local artists Drakeford, Qualls, Mixed Signals, Dirty Blonde and Kindora.

Presented by SoundCorps, the newsletter will serve a couple of purposes: Subscribers will be introduced to high-quality local music and learn more about each artist, and local performers will be paid for submitted tracks and potentially reach new audiences through the platform.

The minimum donation is $5 per month, but subscribers can choose a larger amount.

New subscribers will receive the January newsletter when they sign up here.

Artists can submit up to five songs per year for consideration here.

The tracks must have been released within the past 12 months, and SoundCorps can coordinate with artists to premiere unreleased tracks.

If chosen, artists will be paid a licensing fee that allows subscribers to download the track for personal use.

SoundCorps Executive Director Stratton Tingle said:

The idea was born out of people of an older demographic who aren’t in-tune with SoundCloud and other platforms. A part of our mission is economic development in the music industry. We pay for these tracks, and we’re giving subscribers an option to not only find out about new music but also contribute financially.

As for various genres, Tingle said he has seen a good selection of submissions so far.

“We do want it to represent a cross-section of genres, but first and foremost, it needs to be good songs,” he said. “What you don’t want is a top 40 radio format. The whole point is to connect subscribers to the artists and connect them in a way they’re compelled to pay for music.”

Proceeds will benefit SoundCorps programs such as SongScripts, weekly musical performances at Erlanger Children’s Hospital; Sidewalk Stages, which features more than 700 Chattanooga street performances each year; and music business courses such as TakeNote and CraftMasters.