Coming soon: SPENGA Chattanooga, offering holistic hybrid workout

Female instructor leading strength training in SPENGA workout class
The strength portion of a SPENGA workout | Photo provided

Imagine taking a spin class, a strength training class and a yoga class, all in one hour + one place. 🤔 Meet SPENGA, Chattanooga’s newest boutique fitness studio with a super efficient approach, coming soon to 1705 Market St.

The name SPENGA combines spin, strength + yoga, as does the workout. The unique concept aims to deliver cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training in every session. Space in the studio is dedicated specifically to each element of the workout, which also incorporates invigorating aromatherapy and energizing DJ-inspired beats. 

SPENGA Chattanooga is currently under construction, with membership presales on Founders Rates (a.k.a. the lowest price) coming soon. 

Women with eyes closed and prayer hands sitting cross-legged in yoga pose
Each SPENGA session ends with a well-deserved recovery | Photo provided

In the meantime, we got some insight about the workout from the owners:

Asked: What was the goal in developing SPENGA?
Answered: To create the most efficient + effective workout on the market while cultivating a strong sense of community amongst members + our downtown neighbors.

Asked: What is SPENGA’s competitive edge?
Answered: There are ultimately three components to fitness: cardio, strength, and flexibility. SPENGA is the first studio of its kind, putting equal focus on all 3 components in one 60-minute workout. No workout is ever the same (read: all the burn, none of the burnout). The instructor stays with you the entire time, there’s no sharing of equipment, and the staff cleans after every class.

Asked: Why the order of spin, strength and then yoga?
Answered: Spin, a low-impact cardio powerhouse, immediately gets the body warmed up and calories burning. Next, the interval-based strength training portion is designed to keep the heart rate elevated, promote strength + lean muscle, and continue to torch calories. Yoga continues to challenge the body through strength-driven movements, then transitions into deep flexibility + balance poses, and concludes with a well-deserved recovery.

Learn more + stay tuned for presales. Ⓟ