Squire Strategies continues to grow

Authored By chloe.morrison

About four years after starting his own business, attorney Dan Gilmore said he’s grateful that Squire Strategies continues to advance. 

“I feel very fortunate to still be at it and still be growing,” he said. 

Gilmore has built up a base of about 70 clients and has been consistently growing from an income standpoint. His practice focuses on proactive human resources solutions that are flexible and cost-effective, he said. 

He spent more than 20 years as a traditional lawyer.

Going into business for himself has given him flexibility and the ability to operate a lean operation, which means passing on savings to clients, he said. 

And he’s learned a lot about what it takes to be a small business owner. 

For decades, he had the support of an office and people who took care of items such as billing and other administrative tasks.

“There was a lot of reliance [on others for those tasks],” he said.”It’s been really liberating [to know] that I can do things for myself and for my clients.” 

He’s been active in the startup community, which has been invigorating and helpful for business, he said. 

He has volunteered as a dedicated mentor for various programs at The Company Lab, most recently as a lead mentor for 48-Hour Launch, and as a judge for the 2016 Startup Awards.   

“The practice has been developed exclusively through word-of-mouth,” he said. “It’s a relationship-based business.”

He hasn’t put a heavy focus on things such as search engine optimization, but he has recently revamped his website to give people a better idea of who he is, he said. 

Gilmore currently serves as an instructor for the Tennessee Small Business Development Center and adjunct professor for UTC’s College of Business, where he teaches both Government Regulation of Human Resource Management and Labor Relations and Negotiations.

Teaching gave him more opportunity to establish his credibility, he said. 

Looking ahead, he’d like to add to his team, maybe an intern who could focus on content for the website, as well as some other part-time work, he said. 

And because he can’t be everywhere, he might like to have someone who could go to events and represent him, he said. 

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