Stream Chattanooga rock trio Subkonscious’ new album, “Contagious”

Authored By pitulah

Chattanooga rock band Subkonscious recalls the classic alternative rock of the mid-’90s but without sounding like they’re simply mimicking the best bands of those years. There is a sludge and churn to Subkonscious’ songs that keep them grounded in their influences while still allowing the band to maintain their own insular musical identity.

On their latest record, “Contagious,” the trio packs in enough guitar crunch and alterna-rock tendencies to make bands like Alice in Chains and Nine Inch Nails proud. And though the production does have a gritty, raw feel to it, there’s never a compromise between the aesthetic of the music and the band’s intense studio presence.

Composed of singer-guitarist CJ Foshay, bassist Austin Paul and drummer Chris Hullander, Subkonscious has built a dedicated following in Chattanooga based on their ferocious live shows. With Paul and Hullender’s chugging rhythm section mixing with Foshay’s aggressive vocals and searing riffs, the band has peeled the paint from more than one local venue recently.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the scorching guitar leads and jackhammer drumming reminiscent of classic ’90s alternative music, Subkonscious has got just the thing for you. But don’t be tempted to write them off as simply mining a well-worn genre for its evocation of a very particular period in music; they’re also able to infuse these familiar rhythms and melodies with a blistering originality. And don’t be surprised when you find yourself with a sore neck from all the constant headbanging you’ll be doing after listening to “Contagious”-because that is exactly what will happen.

Stream “Contagious” below.

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