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10 things you might not know about Publix

Black and white photo of an old Publix supermarket
A throwback photo of an early Publix | photo via Publix

DYK that before “Where Shopping Is a Pleasure” became the official Publix slogan in 1953, the original slogan was “Florida’s Finest Food Stores”

Since then, Publix has expanded into 6 more Southeastern states with 1,252 locations, including 3 right here in Chattanooga. Maybe you knew that already, but even the most diehard PubSub fan might not know these 10 things about Publix:

1. They’ll make your dream wedding cake. 💍

Yes, you read that right. With 4 weeks notice, Publix will make you the customized wedding cake of your dreams (some even call it “the ultimate Southern wedding cake”). They can even match the icing to your bridesmaids’ dresses.

2. Antibiotics are free. 💊

Okay, so not *all* of them, but amoxicillina.k.a. one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics – is free at the Publix Pharmacy, along with several others + certain diabetes and high blood pressure medications. See the full list of free meds.

3. They can get any fish you wish. 🦈

You can special order any fish from across the world through Publix at the Seafood counter, and they’ll have it shipped to the store and even prepared how you like it. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it. 🎤 (But with fish.)

4. You can get a fanny pack for your PubSub. 🥪

Fanny pack with Pub Sub illustration
The Pub Sub Sack Waist Bag retails for $19.95 | Photo via Publix

The Publix Company store is stocked with trendy merch featuring PubSubs, our favorite order (chicken tender sub, sweet tea, and a sprinkle cookie, of course), these slides that we totally want + more.

5. ATM fees? No thanks. 💸

Need a little cash? Publix owns + operates their own fleet of ATMs1,250, to be exact. Bonus: Access is surcharge-free for customers of Presto! member financial institutions.

6. They give back to the community. 💛

Publix Charities supports nonprofits helping to alleviate hunger and foster youth education and fitness, nourishing our communities. On the Publix Supermarkets side of things, the company hosts an annual Publix Serves Day, in which 6,000+ volunteers participate in 150+ projects throughout Publix’s operational footprint. This is all due to Publix Founder George Jenkins instilling a culture of giving back to the communities Publix serves. 

7. Packaging is just a construct. ✅

If you don’t want to buy a $10 package of chicken + stress that half of it is going to go bad if you don’t cook it in time, don’t get your feathers ruffled. Publix will break down any package (in the meat department, produce department + beyond), giving you the exact quantity you want. You can even ask them to cut things up or prepare them in a certain style, straight out of the package. 

8. They’ll get you ready for Prom 2021. 👗

While a Publix associate can’t necessarily take your teen shopping for a dress or a tux, the floral department can hook them up with a custom corsage or boutonniere. The floral department also takes orders for bouquets + arrangements for any special occasion.

9. They’ve got dinner in the bag. 🍤

Got the fish that you wished for? Publix will also prepare your seafood for you while you shop, including de-veining, de-tailing, steaming, filletingyou name it. They can even make a custom sous vide bag filled with seafood (even lobster), grains, veggies + a sauce – where all you have to do is pop it in the oven. Talk about convenience. 

10. You can buy local. ☕

Just because it’s a chain doesn’t mean it’s not local. Publix carries local products in many of its markets, helping support our area’s local farmers + markets. The most popular items in their Tennessee Local Endcaps? All coffee-related.

How many of these 10 fun facts did you know? What new things did you learn? Let us know.